The Beefcakes and Shakes Story

Americans truly know their s*** when it comes to a hearty burger, and that’s where the inspiration for Beefcakes and Shakes came from. We’re new to the burger scene, but we aren’t amateurs when it comes to knowing what makes a burger, bloody good.

Perfectly crafted flavours, local ingredients and in-house made sauces all work together to create our small, but special range of burgers. But what is it that really makes it so special? The secret lies in our freshly made soft and pillowy potato buns. The brioche bun is old news, no one wants a burger bun that falls apart and doesn’t fill your belly up.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the shake part! We wouldn’t be an American inspired joint without a sugary, milky treat to wash down the feed you just devoured. Yes, you will be stuffed from your burger, but there’s always room for a shake.

There’s no holding back when it comes to our creations, every burger is loaded with enough ingredients to satisfy every single one of your tastebuds. Each month to spice things up, we come up with an over-the-top burger and shake. We kicked off this ritual with a Krispy Kreme burger and a notorious Caramilk shake, and these bad boys are just the start… 

Please stay up to date here with the Beefcakes and Shakes Menu. 

Or better yet! Round up the crew and come taste the difference!